Structured Thinking
Real Change

Submarine improves company and team performance using Lean and Agile principles, combined with a hands-on change management approach. Submarine focuses not only on the improvement of visible KPI’s and processes, but foremost on what happens ‘below the surface’, in terms of behavior and culture.

Selma Heskamp is the owner of Submarine. She is a certified Lean Blackbelt, Scrum master, and has proven knowledge of Innovation Management, Business Model Canvas, DISC and Prince 2. She is an experienced interim manager, consultant and coach. She works within a network of professionals with complementary skills and expertise.

Selma has studied business economics at Groningen University. She graduated in 2002. She started her working life as a government trainee, followed by a couple more years at the Ministry of the Interior.
After her transfer to KPMG Management Consulting, she gained experience in the field of change management, process improvement and leadership. This is also the place where she became a Lean Blackbelt. Because she felt she needed to experience ‘the other side; a.k.a. life as a manager, she became Manager Customer Satisfaction at a mobility provider. She was responsible for 2 teams: a team of consultants and the customer satisfaction department. As a manager, she has created self-managing teams and was focused on the maximum use of the talent of her team members. Her teams were well functioning and visibly improving performance. Furthermore, she was one of the key drivers behind the creation of a value chain retail strategy for the brand.

In 2015 she founded Submarine to help clients transform their organizations into well structured, mature teams, both as interim manager and consultant.